From conception to completion, Mallorca Projects offers a comprehensive, reliable, and communicative turnkey service; delivering first class made to measure projects to satisfied clients island wide.


A specific targeted service for a fixed fee.  Clients can consult on a wide range of topics to assist and offer orientation on all aspects of building and design.

• Source and design package; to propose suitable layout, materials, finishes and suppliers for a project with a cost analysis.

• Translation of building and tradesmen’s quotations and invoices

• Individual room transformations – kitchens and bathrooms, outdoor
kitchens and dining areas, patios, paving, gates, and fences.

• Improved illumination, addition of skylights, ventilation or mosquito netting fitted to existing windows.

• Utilities and services – air conditioning, additional sockets, electrical inspections, energy certificates, gas installations, power supply upgrades and paperwork.

• Repairs, maintenance, and general property services; replacing water heaters, broken taps, or windowpanes; the least glamorous but most essential property service, often hard to find.

• Furnishing and equipping of properties, high street or bespoke commissions, local joiners, and upholsterers.

• Bespoke commissions in wood, glass, iron or stone from local artisans and tradesmen.

• Specific planning issues, which may affect a project or property purchase can be clarified with local experts before purchases are made. Offering clarity and peace of mind..

 Establishing costs to bring utilities to a vacant plot, power, water, sewage. Electrical upgrades, to contract increased power supply to your property. Connection to municipal drainage networks.